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Three Methods: Using the Control Panel Using a Character Map Using ALT Codes.Bitcoin finally come of age in the land of the rising sun as Japan officially recognizes Bitcoin as money along with digital currencies with proposed laws.I doubt that JET would not hire a well-qualified applicant from Australia or the UK in favor of an under-qualified US applicant.

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I believe that in my application and in the previous posts I have written about the application process, I overemphasized the importance of the teaching component of the JET Program.Find Your Job. 2017 Taking Pictures with your Students Working in Japan,.

Clearly if the customer is satisfied with their level of tuition, they will continue to pay the fees.I have applied already and have been alternated, but i am certain any new applicants would find this a sources of invaluable information.If an overwhelming majority of the contracting organizations request ALTs from America, then JET must hire more candidates from America.Start from London to New York City in August, followed by San Francisco.JET ALTs make around 2500-2800 dollars a month right now (based upon current exchange rates) or around 250,000 yen.The applicants who pass this initial screening will be offered interviews.I came to Japan as an Alternate and have found the Japanese people to be very welcoming.

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It should be noted that ALTs can have a degree in any subject to teach English in Japan.It was published in 2000 (making it at least 10 years old already) AND the book examines the early years of the JET Program.

There is a government sponsored program in Korea that is very similar to JET, maybe you can look into that.I still think that the information in his book is extremely valuable to potential JET applicants.They then get a Spring and Winter bonus in total calculated at their monthly salary (plus Adjusment Allowance) multiplied by 4.7 (This is for the complete bonus for that year).Not necassarly the situation for every school every area. 250000 is a decent salary for starting ALTs, but you can find better salarys, and worse ones.If you work more than 29.5 hours a week, then you fall into a category where Interac, by government law must help you out by paying half of your monthly insurance premiums.I would personally look for other options but only use Interac as a last resort.

Money: The main reason people seem to discourage you from moving to Japan is money.All in all, Interac are saving their pockets and the government is dipping into ours. But, hey. I have a job and I get by.As such, the selection process seems to vary widely between individual consulates and between different countries.

At one school I totally feel guilty because I do work significantly less than the other English staff.This will undoubtedly be a perennial problem which is partly why they have the alternate list.Even tho I was an ALT for 5 years, I ended up interviewing CIR candidates and it was a really interesting experience.While there are plenty of people who want to work in Japan, it is very rare to find someone with good Japanese skills.Each applicant receives are score out of a possible 120 points.

Hey everyone: Just wanted to chime in and say that I too passed the phone interview stage with Interac and I have been offered to attend a seminar for the September - December period.I highly doubt that JET would not hire a well-qualified applicant from Australia or the UK in favor of an under-qualified US applicant.Japan may be homogeneous in some respects but it certainly has its diversity.It never hurts to shoot Interac an email asking when you should apply.Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kansai Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa.The question of whether I knew too much about Japan to be a desirable JET candidate caused me a lot of concern while I was applying to the program as well.

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Find Your Job Today. 2017 Taking Pictures with your Students Working in Japan,. at ALTIA CENTRAL.I think many people are taking things out of context whent they are talking about the pay.